Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is the term used to describe interest only, short term loans (usually up to 12 months) secured on land or property. Speed of completion is usually critical as bridging facilities are often required to resolve a temporary cash flow problem or to meet tight deadlines.

Silverpark is able to completely manage transactions on your behalf – keeping you up to date with regular communication to ensure you are kept informed at every stage of the process.

Silverpark is a well-established distributor of short term or ‘bridging’ finance, with the help of Vantage finance.

Short term finance used to be viewed very much as a means to purchase one property before selling another. It is now very commonly used for a range of purposes, including:


Why opt for short term finance?
  • – Purchasing a property which requires refurbishment, and is not considered suitable for a conventional mortgage
  • – Auction purchases, or any purchase where there is a tight completion deadline
  • – Raising money for cashflow, or business expansion plans
  • – Extending or developing property
  • – Paying tax bills
  • – Raising money quickly for any other legal purpose
Highlights and benefits
  • – Loans can be arranged in a matter of days, but will usually take around 7 – 10 days depending on the complexity of the situation, and the property type
  • – Can be arranged on residential, buy to let, commercial, semi commercial property and land, by way of a first or second charge
  • – Interest can be rolled up, or retained by the lender on completion for the term of the loan so the borrower does not have to make monthly payments throughout the agreed term
Product details and criteria
  • – Loan terms from 1 day to 23 months
  • – Up to 75% LTV, and higher with additional security
  • – No maximum loan
  • – Adverse credit accepted
  • – No proof of income required where interest payments are retained or rolled up